LES CARDINAUX (THE CARDINALS), the new wave of cinema and web ! Spotted by our YouTube Channel Rendez-vous à Paris, Fablabchannel develops TOMORROW , a series of 4 × 12 ‘at the 4 corners of the world (JAPAN, US, MAROCCO and FRANCE) on the theme of the connected objects : To follow in 2016 and watch the pitch by the authors themselves !

The Cardinals is a group of four young filmmakers from film and interactive web documentary. They each represent a cardinal : Simon Bouisson the north, Akihiro Hata the east, Ambarish Manepalli the west, and Ludovic Zuili the south. The interactive design interface have been developed by Theo Le Du and Avril Ladauge.

In 2013, they directed 4 short films, 4 viewpoints, 4 x 10 minutes on the same theme.

The first part of the series is the Apocalypse. A meteorite comes dangerously towards Europe, it’s the last ten minutes before the end of the world.

It’s available on our YouTube Channel, Rendez-vous à Paris. 

SEE HERE, in partnership with Inrocks !