L’AGENCE is a web series of 6 episodes, mixing « real employees » and comedians, filmed in Paris. It is broadcast on « Rendez-vous à Paris » on YouTube and has over 440,000 views.

After managing the communication of a candidate in the presidential election, « L’AGENCE » team goes in search of his first campaign post contract. 
A team of reporters follows Arnauld, the director, in the offices of the company. 
A former communications director for a presidential candidate doubts nothing: for him, his talent and  the qualities of his team  are enough to attract customers … 

A season of six episodes, directed by Henry Marquis, based of an original idea of Arnauld Champremier-Trigano, former communications director for the presidential campaign of Jean-Luc Mélenchon, and Alban Fischer idea.

The complete first season  HERE ! 

  • 440 000  views for the first season 
  • Target : 13/24 years old , male
  • Édition / distribution : Fablabchannel
  • Producer : Mediascop 
  • Year : 2012
  • Format :  6 x 6′ 
  • Genre : Comedy
  • Directed by : Henry Marquis
  • Script : IZM, Sarah Tissandier, Arnauld Champremier-Trigano, Alban Fischer
  • Casting : Arnauld Champremier Trigano, Sophia Chikirou, Alban Fischer, Clément Sénéchal, Juliette Eskenazi, Franck Monier and Brigitte Lo Cicero.