With nearly 8 million views on « Rendez-vous à Paris » YouTube channel, the first two seasons of BEFORE with an average of 200,000 views per episode.

BEFORE it is the story of three young Parisians who find themselves before each evening for an aperitif: same place, same time, same ritual. There’s the host : Romain, an eternal anxious, Chloe, the beautiful hyperactive artist. And Victor, special but touching.


Filmed in private, the web series tackles the phenomenon of pre-parties immersing ourselves in the privacy of three best friends, made ​​delusions, experiences and existential debates.

Small humorous playlets to follow like a serial or catching the flight, the episodes are thought to independently.fictionalise


In the 10 episodes of season one, the characters form a tight group on which the world’s problems seem to have no outlet. But when ambiguity and loving feelings getting in on the party, the Before taking an unexpected turn.

The 19 episodes of season 2 primarily revolves around the character of Chloe. An opportunity for protagonists to return to the roots of their friendship and wonder about the true feelings between them. It grows even further what made the success of BEFORE among students as more than 20 years: talk realistically and without judgment of this age.

In modernity where the borders explode and when teens are solicited from all sides, this web series provides a valuable window on the tensions that inhabit them, their questions and how they retreat into small committees to keep the future a little bit remotely.


EVENT FEES TV: 3rd season being written for 10 new episodes from autumn 2014!

Playlist of the integral of the series here!


Target: 13/24 years, mixed

Publisher / Distributor Rights World TV _ WEB: FABLABCHANNEL

Producers: Ninth Pole, CAPA,

Year: 2013

Format: Season 1: 10 x 3 ‘

Season 2: 19 x 5 ‘

Genre: Comedy

Director: François Desagnat – Paul Paulsen

Scenario: Vincent Leplat

Cast: Vincent Leplat Cecilia Merida, Camille Landru Giradet

Guest cast: Vincent Desagnat Andy Tell Jigme, Kriss of « Minute Papillon » Jéremy, Manurey, Julie Bargeton