FABLABCHANNEL was launched in February 2014 with a few hunches:

In the ocean of images, you must recreate the sense and the rarity with stories that strike a chord with reality.
All creation is daring, it takes a bit of a mess to create.
Imagine and target an international audience.
The digital is only useful when it plays a part in real life.
Deal with changing uses, you have to be into action to build.
It’s better to share and be a little more generous if you can.
Fablabchannel, ferryman of connected stories.

                                                                                    Claire Leproust.

FABLABCHANNEL has three missions: 

  • Produce series of short formats for chains or brands, but also the experiences and transmedia content from movie producers or major TV Show and documentaries series. 
  • Advise on a branded content media  strategy: bringing our expertise and forward it to teams, whether it is channels and media team, producers or brands, in terms of content strategy, programming and editing of on-demand channels online on the Internet and mobile (free or paid) including YouTube and Dailymotion. 
  • Edit channels ourselves for freedom and especially for a direct relationship with the audience. As  « Rendez-vous à Paris » on YouTube dedicated to webseries and shortcoms.